Alampur Jogulamba temple, Alampur

Alampur Jogulamba temple

Alampur Jogulamba temple


Where is this temple?

Located at Alampur town in Mahabubnagar and 27kms from Kurnool and 200 kms from Hyderabad.

What is the specialty of this temple?


This is the fifth Sakthi peetha among the eighteen Sakthi peethas of Parvati devi. Located on the bank of Tungabhadra river at the meeting point of the holy Krishna and Tungabhadra rivers, the construction of this temple is very different compared to other temples of south India.  The principle deities here are Bala Brahmeswara swamy and Goddess Jogulamba devi. Jogulamba devi wears scorpion, lizard and skull as ornaments on her head.

Devotees take a dip in the holy water of Tungabhadra before entering the temple. The Goddess looks so powerful and mesmerizing. There is a pool of water around the sanctum sanctorum which is  to cool the  Goddess. In this Sakthi peetha, the upper jaw of the Goddess has fallen when Lord Shiva was doing Taandava by carrying the corpse of the  Goddess Parvati  after she was insulted at the Daksha Yagna.


How to reach this temple?

One can travel in the state run buses or by car. It takes roughly around 3 hours from Hyderabad and the road is pretty good. Number of hotels are available near the main highway to stay and food is available at better prices. One must taste  Uggaani, special of Raayalaseema. One may also shop many devotional books and photos which are available at the temple premises at very nominal prices. There are many monkeys and one has to be careful about their handbags because monkeys pull them away hoping to find some coconuts or bananas.

What other places here?

One can touch and pray the Muktheswara swamy here and there is also a dargah in the premises of the temple. One can also pray to Kanchi Kamakshi amman whose idol is just two hundred meters from the temple.


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