Glitters at Charminar during Ramzan

I was lucky to be in Hyderabad during the time of Ramzan! It’s a mini-India where festival of any religion is celebrated with pomp, joy and brotherhood among  people of all religions. Ramzan is the main festival of muslims and it adds more glow to the roads of Hyderabad. While my wait to taste veg haleem went in vain, my love to shop bangle was fulfilled near this amazing royal monument.




IMG_7020 Amidst the colors, Charminar is a not to miss spot during this season. It drags all your attention and captures your heart with its traditional and royal beauty.


Sale of fruits is a huge business this season and one can find all kinds of fresh fruit here!


The Bhagyalakshmi temple, just beside Charminar is another famous hindu spot, which is one of the starting spots of the famous Bonalu festival of Telangana



Ladies shop many fancy items like bangles, hair and saree accessories, dresses, and many more..even at 2 a.m in the night the shops are full busy during ramzan season here. While it is colorful and tempting to shop dresses and bangles and other funky jewellery, don’t forget to start you bargaining from half the price quoted!

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