Bidar fort- A remnant of Persian architecture

Bidar fort is located in the town of Bidar in Karnataka, India. It is built in 15th century in Persian style during the reign of Sultan Alla-Ud-Din Bahman of Bahamani dynasty. It has many mahals or rooms meant for various purposes, but they are not open to tourists now. One can get information about them from the display boards at the entrance of the fort.

It is one of the mentionable places in Bidar and offers a nice sightseeing experience to its visitors.There is no entrance fee to visit this fort and it is also very neatly maintained.


Take a glimpse of the fort and its royal beauty here.


Well outside the fort used to draw water.


One of the sides of the fort

IMG_7877 IMG_7890 IMG_7911

The climate in Bidar is sultry and it is very hard to find a good hotel to lodge and board. In general Bidar trip can be completed in a single day, so one can plan it on a weekend along with entire family.One can shop Bidriware items in Bidar.

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