Mahanandi-World’s biggest Nandi statue

Mahanandi Temple

Where is this temple?

Near Nandyal (21kms)town in Andhrapradesh.  One can also go on a weekend trip from Hyderabad.

the entrance arch

the entrance arch

What is the specialty of this place?


This place has the world’s biggest statue of Nandeeswara, the mount of Lord Shiva.

One can touch the main deity Lord Shiva which is in the shape of a ant hill and perform abhisheka.

This temple is famous for its ponds, The water into this ponds is said to originate from beneath the main deity. The pond water is warm in winter and cool in summer, It is a custom for devotees not to miss a bath in the pond here.

The water level is always constant, irrespective of the season. It is also the main source of agriculture in the fields nearby, which offer fresh and green view on the way to this temple.

Where to stay?

One can prefer to stay at Nandyal or stay at Mahanandi too. Many tourist hotels are available within the vicinity of the temple.

Along with this temple, there are eight more Nandi shrines at nandyal, together called Navanandis.



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