A Walk through waist deep water to see the deity-Narasimha Jharna temple, Bidar



Narasimha Jharna temple at Bidar, Karnataka, India is very different from the other temples I have seen till now. Here, the idol of Lord Narasimha is inside a cave and devotees have to walk through waist deep water for about 350 metres to have a darshan of the deity.

It is said that Lord Narasimha, after killing demon Jharasura settled in this cave and the waters of Krishna and Godavari rivers, which are considered very sacred entered this cave to soothe his anger. The idol of God here is considered swayambhu, means self manifested. This deity in this temple is considered very sacred and powerful.

The temple is open from 8 A.m till sunset and is often full of devotees and it takes roughly 45 minutes to walk through water, take the darshan and come back to the exit gate.

Check out the beauty of Bidar fort here.

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