Ahobilam Narasimha Swamy temple

Diguva Ahobilam

Diguva Ahobilam Temple


What is this place about:

This is a very sacred place according to Hinduism. Here Lord Vishnu, during his Narsimhavataram (half lion and half man avatar of Lord Vishnu) killed demon HiranyaKasipa,

Where is this place?

Located amidst Nallamal hills, near Nandyal (40 kms) and Kurnool (150kms), this temple is well connected by rtc buses. One can also travel in car and the road is good. Particularly the ghat road when reaching this temple is very green and peaceful.

What to see here?

There are actually 9 temples of Lord Narasimha at this place. If you have time, you can cover all of them in a day. If you plan for another temple visit like Mantralayam or Alampur or Mahanandi, you can cover the two main temples, Eguva Ahobilam and Diguva Ahobilam in half day.

Eguva Ahobilam Temple

Eguva Ahobilam Temple

Eguva Ahobilam is the place where Lord Narasimha appeared to Prahlada and you can see the deity here in his roudra form. The Goddess here is in the name of Chenchu Lakshmi.The hills around the temple are very scenic and are very different from the ones you see at Tirumala or other hills. At diguva Ahobilam, the swamy appears prasanna along with Goddess Lakshmi Devi, in the name Amruta Valli. One can also trek to see the pillar from which Lord Narasimha originated to kill Hiranyakasipa which is at 2 kms from Eguva Ahobilam. It is called Ugra Stambham. The route to this pillar is very narrow and if you are with children or elders or luggage, trekking to this place may not be suggested.


If you are going in a car, you have to park the vehicle at a kilometer ahead and trek to eguva Ahobilam. The officials may not allow vehicles, especially at the peak season like ekadasi or sravana masam and kartika masam or during festivals.

Elders who cannot walk or climb stairs may make use of doli facility available which is around 2000INR.

If you are planning to make a night stay, staying in Nandyal would be preferable, as their are no good accommodations at Ahobilam.

Don’t forget to enjoy the fresh air of the forest and the cute monkeys on the road sides!!


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