ChennaKesava Swamy temple, Yadiki



Where is this temple?

About 24kms from tadipatri, Andhra pradesh.

How to reach?

It has number of buses from tadipatri. One can also go as a part of trip from Mahanandi. It roughly takes 2 hours in car.

What’s the specialty of this place?

This temple is very ancient, built during the reign of Sri Krishna Devaraaya. The style of the construction is very beautiful.

There is also Goddess Mahalakshmi , Navagrahas and Lord Hanuman in the same compound. We got a satisfying opportunity of lighting  a lamp before Mahalakshmi devi exactly during the evening of Diwali.

The two main Gods of Hinduism, Lord MahaVishnu and Lord Siva can be seen in one idol. The Siva Linga lies just beneath the body of Lord Maha Vishnu.

Also here the Sanka and Chakra of SriMahaVishnu are seen to be in reversed position. Chakra is in left hand and Sanku is in right hand.

Other tourist places:

Another famous Bugga Ramalingeswara swamy temple and naturally formed Kona caves also offer nice experience.


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