5 home made hair packs-Indian hair care secrets to deal split ends

Split ends are a very common hair problem every woman faces, no matter how much care is taken. They are caused due to various factors like excessive hair treatments, lack of proper diet, excessive shampooing and frequent exposure to pollution and sun. Any type of hair, be it short or long, or dry,oily or normal could be affected with split ends. Once a hair splits, its growth becomes stunted and it grows no longer. Trimming them is the only solution.

Try these 5 home-made hair packs at least once a week to give enough nutrients to your hair from outside too and regular use of these will prevent split ends for sure.

Mask 1:

Blend a ripe banana,egg white,2 spoons olive oil, 2 spoons curd and a spoon of lemon juice. Apply this paste to your hair from the roots. Wait for 45 mins and wash off with very mild shampoo.

Mask 2:

Paste fresh hibiscus leaves and flowers and apply it to your hair roots. Wash off after 45 mins with warm water and see your hair bounce !!

Mask 3: (If fresh leaves are not available)

Mix in a bowl 5 spoons hibiscus powder, 2 spoons fenugreek powder, 2 spoons aloe vera powder, 2 spoons amla (gooseberry) powder, 2 spoons olive oil and a handful of curd. Let it soak for an hour, and apply to your hair. Wash off after half an hour.

All these powders are readily available in super markets.

Mask 4:

Mix castor oil 2 spoons, olive oil 1 spoon, coconut oil 1 spoon and almond oil 1 spoon thoroughly. Massage your hair very gently from roots to the tip. Apply on the tips too. Wait for two hours and wash with an herbal shampoo. For best results, you can also massage at night, wear a shower cap and go to bed. Wash off in the morning.

Mask 5:

Blend a cup of ripe papaya pieces , half cup curd and two spoons olive oil. Apply this mix to your hair and wash off after half an hour.


After applying all these packs, wait till they dry and wash off with warm water and herbal shampoos. Avoid chemical shampoos for best results. A hair pack can be applied once a week for best results.


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