Road trip from Hyderabad to SriSailam

Srisailam is a famous abode of Lord Shiva. It is very near to Hyderabad and roughly takes 3-4 hours in a car. The road is utterly beautiful and scenic. One has to keep in mind that it being a road via forest, forest officials don’t allow journeys across it during nights and gates are closed after 7-8 pm. It is therefore better to plan your visit to the temple accordingly. Many hotels are also available along the route to rest and relax.  Petrol bunks are very rarely seen ao full your vehicle tank before hand.If you are going on your vehicle , don’t miss the mirchi bajjis that are available at the road side hotels, they are so hOt!!

Here are some of the glimpses from our road journey…


The road is very scenic with flowering trees on both sides..


Native hen at one of the road side stops…


Lots and lots of monkeys at a spot ….


the road leading to the temple hill


One of the tiger safari parks run by APTDC


Ganga devi temple at the Srisailam dam


The Srisailam dam


The Srisailam power plant


In rainy season, the scenic view of gushing water through the gates would be awesome!!!


Dense forests on either sides of road


An RTC bus run by APSRTC


One of the milestones indicating distance from Hyderabad


A word of caution for riders!!



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