What my father taught me..




A dad always wants to create the best possible world to their kids. A dad is the first love of any daughter, like for me! My dad is always my bestest(!!!) friend. I’ve never seen him scold or beat me for anything I’ve done. He always backed me and in times of trouble he was always with me to guide and support. He would wipe my tears and cry in his heart without me noticing it. When I was a child,he would bring home in the evening whatever I asked for! I always ask freely my father what I wanted than to my mom!! It is because of my dad that I got some lovely habits which I want to pass on to my kids too…

My dad would buy me my favorite sweet on my birthday and give it to me. He used to give me pocket-money when going to school with which I used to buy all fancy items, stationery and eat on roadsides along with my friends. He always would attend my school functions and was always present to share my happiness with. He always ask whether I had food before he sits for a meal. He used to always carry me in his arms and never make me walk when I was a child.He always proudly told about me to his colleagues and I’ve heard from many of his superiors say that I’m the world for my dad. As for any Indian girl, it became very tough for me to leave my dad and go to my in-laws house, after my marriage.

I came to understand the feeling of parenthood when I became a parent. I understood how my dad loves me unconditionally without expecting anything back (which is the hardest truth of being a parent). I learnt from my dad how to believe in Supreme power that guides us always and tests us for our good. I learnt the beauty of innocence from my dad. I learnt how to accept hard truths in life from my dad. He always would say that nobody would help in times of need and that I should be more strong and confident, I understood what he meant until I came to know the true colors of people around us.

One thing I always want from the God is I want to see a heartily smile on my dad’s face, because that would suffice for me. I wish to be born to him for as many births as I can!! I love you dad!!

4 responses to “What my father taught me..

  1. What a nice way to express your love 🙂
    You have a pretty blog. I came visiting to say that I’m not joining Umberilla because I really don’t have the time. I struggle as it is to respond to all my visitors, so thank you for the invite, and good luck with your blogging journey.


  2. Oh the whole write up brings tears to my eyes…. Whatever you have said is absolutely true. I am very close to my dad and i share every single expression with my dad, that you have mentioned in the post… I would say, i am what i am today because of dad.

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