I’m a “Girl Hero”!!


My little darling!!



Kids speak so cute words!! Its very lovely sometimes when they talk so instantly even before we understand what they mean. Their words are full of innocence and true love. I believe God’s greatest gift to mankind is only the childhood where it is filled with purity, innocence, happiness and love.


Two days ago, we were having tea in the evening in the balcony.

My son came to me and asked “Mom, I too need some tea”.

I told “Darling, kids should not drink tea”.

He convinced me so I gave him one-fourth of a cup. He drank very fast before I had finished.

He showed with his two hands that he got a lot of energy and told me “look mom, I became a hero”.

I pretended to be crying and said “Hmmm..you drank first, why you didn’t wait for me? I will not talk with you”

He waited till I was done. He suddenly kissed me and said,” Look mommy,now you too got energy. You are a girl hero now!!!”


I really laughed and laughed for so long…..It’s true, as long as kids love their mom, every mother is a girl hero!!



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