What my son taught me (and teaches me daily !!)

Never did I imagine that these things would happen in my life, just like any other mom!! Bringing up a child is the most responsible job in the world, as for me. Things are never that easy nor the same in this job. Daily challenges and daily perks 😉

My son, had just completed four and entered five last month. Being a mom, I have learnt (and learning) a lot, which I never learned in my university. I scold or shout at him when he annoys me, he stays far away from me just for a minute. The next moment he kisses on my cheek and showers his loveliest smile on me. I’m flattered!! The lesson I learnt from him was: Getting rid of bad moments asap and staying happy as ever!!

My books, refrigerator, clothes, vegetables and all the things in our home all his favorites, except his toys!! We buy him new toys almost every week so that he doesn’t get bored, but still he wants all my things! I tell him not to touch any things of mine, he tells with his lovely smile “Mommy, you and me are friends, so I can use your books for drawing!! If you want,  take my books!!” This teaches me: Do whatever pleases you (as long as it does not hurt others)and don’t mind others views on it, because nobody will ever understand your happiness except yourself!!

Another main thing which I have observed from not only my son but also many other kids whom I have seen was, kids never eat beyond their real capacity. When they say enough, it is really enough! even if you offer an ice cream or chocolate, they will never eat!! I think all of us have to learn this. :Not getting tempted by all the unhealthy food, though it is coming free!! Eat what is required and how much is required…

One more greatest quality of kids is getting things done. My son, like most other kids, knows whom to ask what, he knows what sort of activities I won’t entertain like playing with tab or mobile or drinking cool drinks etc., so he approaches his dad if he wants these! When his father is busy and not entertaining him, he showers his kisses on me and asks me for stories.. Lesson: Getting things done without hurting others!

I am excited what sorts of lessons he will teach me in many and many more years to come!! 😉


Your opinions are valuable to me!!

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