6 things to keep in mind before visiting Kerala!!

Kerala is a land of greens and a living paradise for tourists! It is a hot spot destination for both domestic and international tourists.

Some knowledge of the local culture and traditions is a must before visiting this place, as is with every other travel destination. Here are six important points to keep in mind for any traveler planning to visit Kerala.

1. Dressing is very important to stay safe in any place. Make sure you cover your body well, preferably in Indian attire to refrain unwanted attention. Even on beaches, nudity or semi nudity is not entertained in Kerala.

2. The street light system of Kerala is a scary thing to visitors. Not many streets are well-lit and scarcely do you find any families or women wandering on streets once sun sets. It is suggested that female tourists reach their hotel room or accommodation before sun sets.

3. To travel across the cities of Kerala, use buses run by the state government. Air conditioned and metro buses are so neat and one will definitely enjoy a ride in them. Don’t opt for autos as they will demand the highest money possible which will be 100% more compared to that incurred on public transport. Also you can be safe if you travel in buses.

4. Cooking with coconut oil is common in Kerala and there will not be any problem in taste for outsiders. You can happily enjoy all the recipes, provided you go to a prominent and hygienic restaurants.

5. Keep cash handy and don’t rely on ATMs. It’s very tough to find ATM’s when you need them as they are not much distributed in all cities and places across Kerala.

6. The streets in the residential areas are very narrow, steep and not properly lit. Be careful when you are driving a car or vehicle.


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