Red rice of Kerala!!

red rice

The taste of traditional Kerala rice is awesome!!

Red rice or Matta rice, as is called in Malayalam, is the staple and traditional food item of Keralites. One visiting Kerala, would definitely be surprised by its color and size. Looking red like a ruby and short and fat, the grain looks so cute. You taste the cooked rice once with the Kerala fish curry or kuzhambu made with raw banana, coconut gravy and other spices, you are bound to fall in love with the taste!!

Many travelers who plan to Kerala has this first question in their minds,”Whether we don’t get white rice there?”. I also know few persons who had not gone on a trip to Kerala just with the misnomer that they don’t find white rice in Kerala. It’s absolutely false. Though traditional white rice of Kerala is also short and fat grain, the slim Sona masuri  or basmati grain is easily available in all supermarkets.

kerala white rice

The traditional white rice is different from other grains in India

In fact, at all the restaurants and food corners, every customer would have an option about the  type of rice they wish to be served, whether red or white!! Thus eating out in Kerala, for rice lovers is never a problem. However, in the temples where free meals scheme is available like at Attukal Bhagawathy temple, which is very famous in Trivandrum, the food offered is of red rice only. But the taste of kuzhambu, sambar and chutney makes every devotee asking for more rice.

The health benefits of red rice and the huge options of lingering combination of side dishes makes the Kerala meal a favorite for everyone!!


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