Pat yourself and keep going!!

Stressed?? Bored?? Frustrated??

Well, this happens once a while for everyone of us, irrespective of our social and economic status. Life becomes so routine and we wait for some miracle to happen to bring a new glow in to our lives. But making a little modifications in our routine brings us a new feeling and helps us to step forward with positive mood.

Here are few options which would certainly help in a long run…

  1. Work, work ,work! Let it office or at home. Don’t let work eat your entire time. Spend some time for yourself, for your hobbies, for your children or for your parents. This relieves the pressure in your mind.
  2. At office, take some breaks every one or two hours. Walk in the sun, in the office lawn, climb stairs up and down twice or drink lots of fresh juice or water.
  3. Don’t focus too much on your capabilities and compare yourself with others. This brings negative results.
  4. You might have an idea in your mind which you have postponed since many days. It might be learning classical dance or playing an instrument or re arranging furniture in your home.Do it now. It creates interest in yourself.
  5. When you feel depressed, recollect all the achievements you had in your past and pat your back that you would do it in future too!! You will certainly achieve your goal through this self encouragement.
  6. Watch or read inspirational videos or books. Note few inspirational quotes in your diary or stick them in your kitchen. It boosts your morale.
  7. Stop all your activities on the internet and talk to your real friends and family members, in person. This refreshes you from your heart.
  8. Don’t show your stress or aggressiveness on your family members. It only worsens our condition. Treat them as a way to refresh you. Share your problems and seek their guidance.

Your opinions are valuable to me!!

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