Beerumguda Temple, Hyderabad

Beerumguda temple

Beeumguda temple is a well known abode of Lord Shiva. It is located near BHEL, Hyderabad.

Beerumguda temple

The temple offers very scenic views near it, because it is located on a hill.

beerumguda temple

Though the temple is very old, it has been rebuilt and gives a fresh and clean look.

Beerumguda temple

Many films have also been shot in this temple premises.

Steps leading to the temple

According to Hinduism, taking darshan of God by visiting temples on foot is the best way to show love on him. Hence most famous Gods are resided on hilly areas only.

Beerumguda temple

Another view of the beautiful compound of the temple

Beerumguda temple

It is a custom to bless devotees by saying “Happy darshan once again”. It is written in almost all temples at the exit gate.


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