Mother’s day 2014


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Well, as everyone wishes on this Mother’s day, let me wish you all a Happy Mother’s day!!

But, is this enough? What do  we mean by celebrating a Happy mother’s day? Buying our mother a bouquet of flowers or dress or ring or a cake or something else?? Will that suffice?

Before any lady becomes a MOM, she is a girl, a student, a sister, a friend, an employee, a lover and a wife. However, she attains ultimate happiness when she gets her own beautiful baby into her hands after bearing all the pain for the whole nine months, just to prepare to bear more pain life long!!

Most of the care taken on the new born is by mom, there may be many situations where she prays God not for herself, but for her kids well being! She can sacrifice her career for her baby. She eats only after her kids eat. She cannot tolerate when some one says something about her kids. She wants to see her children in a bright way and will undergo any hard ships for that. She feels selfish and fears about being isolated and neglected when her kids get married. But she blesses them with her whole heart for their wonderful life ahead!!

All of this will happen in anybody’s life. How many of us are really caring our mother and respecting her duties? Most males feel that it is the duty of every woman to do a mother’s job. But what if a mother resists her tasks and rejects her tasks, which would never ever happen of course!!

This mother’s day, just not stop with wishing your mother. Tell your children about hardships she faced, show them the photos of your childhood and share the sweet memories you had with your mom. Spend the evening with her , give her rest from cooking and plan a meal for her. Buy her a beautiful pet or a plant so that she keeps it as your memory when you are away from her. Call her every often and inquire about her well being on the other days too. You may travel miles away from her in pursuit of your career dreams which may not be wrong, but remember not to neglect her and don’t give her a feeling of loneliness, because some day you will be in the same position!!!

Once again, a very Happy Mother’s day!!

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