6 ways to find inner peace

Most of us are rather confused and unclear of what our lives are all about. When we are happy and things go the way we wish, we feel we are very powerful and great. Once something goes wrong or things do not happen as we planned, it’s the time we start feeling depressed and worried. Though these confusions are common since we are humans, however, staying stable in our mind lets us face any situations in our life. It’s not that easy to find and obtain stability but simple changes in our daily life will surely bring most of our inner peace.

1.  Believe in the Supreme power who created us. Thank him, pray to him and remind of him on each of your accomplishments and failure too. Because if you fail, remember, it means God has something more to give you!!

2. Don’t respond to any situation instantly. Take a minute or two to respond either it’s a joy or sad or anger or any other feeling. This gradually enhances stability of your mind.

3. Talk as less as possible. If you can, stay calm and don’t think or talk anything in your mind at least for half an hour daily.

4. Stay close to nature. Enjoy the beautiful creations of God. Show sympathy on suffering creatures and help fellow beings whenever you can.

5. Complete the tasks assigned to you, don’t think about the results. Detach yourself from the results of your work, either success or failure.

6. Make friends with positive minded people. It increases your strength. Read books about great people and their accomplishments.  Spend some time daily to relax yourself in a spiritual way which will work wonders.

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