The Sunshine Blogger Award!!

sunshine2!! Sunshine award!!

A big thanks to Mahesh Nair of The Write Might for nominating me for this shining and inspiring award. Sir, you have lifted my spirits and my passion for blogging. Thank you very much!

Ten points about me:

1. I had been the topper of my class since my KG to PG.

2. I love playing shuttle.

3. I have a hobby of collecting currency too and I have, in fact, a very huge collection.

4. I cook very well.

5.  I love listening devotional songs and have set a goal to learn at least one song a week.

6. I strongly believe in the divine power that guides us.

7.  I like to eat spicy foods from Indian, Italian, Chinese cuisine. Planning to taste other countries recipes too.

8. I like Kamal Hassan and Rajini Kanth and have watched their movies countless times.

9. I love nature and like to spend more time in garden watching flowers and birds.

10. Most importantly, I got a very loving husband who is my gift from God. He understands me very well and encourages me a lot!!


And now, I would nominate the following bloggers for this Sunshine Award. Dear nominees, please let me know ten unique things about yourself and pass on this encouraging award to deserving fellow bloggers.

1. Jyoti of My Journey so Far

2. Olga of Peaceful Mothering

3. Kisses from Home

4. Julie of The Adjunct


Happy blogging and All the Best !!


7 responses to “The Sunshine Blogger Award!!

  1. Congratulations on the Sunshine Blogger Award. They chose well–your blog is indeed a bright spot on the Internet–shining a light on many beautiful places, things and ideas. Again, congratulations to you for all your work producing this very rich, very positive blog.


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