Kovalam- Gushing waves and black mud

Kovalam is a well renowned beach in Kerala and is a hotspot among tourists, both domestic and international.  When I went to Kovalam, the first thing that caught my eye was that black mud or soil on the beach and the rocks which gave a beautiful view of the ocean.


The Light house at the Kovalam beach



Coconut trees and the rocks



Black soil and water foam 

The lime soda on this beach is awesome and you will ask for another glass for sure!! Hotel Kovalam was good for lunch and was very neat and tidy. Many buses are available from East Fort at Tiruvananthapuram bus stand. A ride in deluxe bus is very enjoyable on the scenic roads of this city. The route from bus stand to Kovalam is also very beautiful and scenic.

P. S: This was  the first beach which my husband and me have seen together!! So I cherish it more!!

One response to “Kovalam- Gushing waves and black mud

  1. It is beautiful. Makes me think of summer and warm days (which is even nicer–because the meteorologists have predicted a little more snow for us this Wednesday. Sunny today–snow on the way. sigh.

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