My heartfelt thanks!!

What started as a pastime to beat my loneliness as suggested by my darling hubby has become a source of inspiration and encouragement for me today!!

Yes, I am talking about such a wonderful platform WordPress which introduced myself to such a huge and inspiring community!

Today, I reached a milestone of having 100 followers on WP platform apart from 100+ other followers. In my initial days, when I started I didn’t understand what to blog about. But today I have learnt the basics of blogging from my fellow bloggers most of them who blog from within their heart.

Such an inspiring community where I came across many types of persons, travelers and tourists, students, stay at home moms and working women, loving husbands and their families, parents who love their kids, doctors, teachers, writers, beauticians , dieticians, photographers, cooks and chefs, persons who are fighting with adversities and serving as a a source of inspiration to others and many more…. I feel WordPress is such a proud community which is united by its diversity!

My special thanks to bloggers Laura at Stylebreakdown and Raluca Stoica at A Stairway to Fashion who respectively first liked and followed my blog that truly ignited my spirits. Thank you ladies!!

I am dedicating this post to all my other followers and inspirers who support me through their comments and likes. Thank you all once again!!

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