Guruvayur Temple at Thrissur, Kerala


The Guruvayur temple at Thrissur

Where and What:

The Guruvayur temple is located in the town of Guruyayur, in Thrissur district of Kerala, India. This temple is one of the holiest places for worship of Lord Vishnu and is considered as the abode of the Great Lord on Earth. The town of Guruvayur is well connected with trains, buses and the nearest airport is Cochin.

What makes this temple special?

The deity here is Lord Krishna and the idol is considered very holy and sacred. It is believed that this has been made by Lord Vishnu himself. The idol is very attractive and captivating.

The architecture of this temple is entirely in Kerala style and the corridor of the temple is also very large. Separate queues are provided for ladies and gents for convenience. The entry of non-Hindus is prohibited in this temple. Security is very tight and like all other famous temples electronic gadgets are not allowed inside.

Guruvayoor Temple 2

Front view of Guruvayur temple

Gents and boys have to enter temple with bare chest and traditional wear. Ladies and girls also have to enter only in Indian wear. The queue for darshan is often very long and may take hours to enter the inner part of the temple.

It is a common sight here that newly married couples are often seen taking blessings from the deity and it was here that I happened to view a Malayali bride fully adorned with Gold as I wondered in my previous post.

The temple tank here is very large and famous. Number of devotees take their holy baths here.


The temple tank of Guruvayur temple

There is also a provision of free meals provided by the temple board for devotees. One  can also purchase the famous palpayasam (milk offering to God) and butter. This temple is also famous for elephant procession in this temple premises.

What I felt about this place?

It was very eye pleasing to take a look at devotees who were in traditional attire and women in their Kerala saris.  Small girls look very cute in their traditional pavadas and little toddlers look so cute with their shirts removed and with the tilak of Krishna on their foreheads.

The accommodation is slightly costlier compared to other places and there is also another temple in Guruvayur called Mammiyur temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. This is also very sacred and huge. This temple is also a must visit for a devotee visiting Guruvayur.

Lot of shopping options are available in the temple premises ranging from handmade toys to traditional Kerala dresses and many more. Any tourist visiting this place will definitely buy the show piece of famous Guruvayur elephant with Umbrella.




Images are from Google Images.

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