We are all fools, aren’t we?


We are all fools.

Can you prove that you are not??


We get fooled in many ways in our daily life. We plan many things but rarely do they take pace as expected. We are fooled by God!!

We love our kids and take care of them more than ourselves. Can we expect the same from them? We may be fooled!!

We do all our best at office, but some one else who has cunning cleverness will take away all the fruits of our pain. We get fooled by them!

We fall for praises without knowing their inner meaning, we are fooled later!!

We vote for our leaders and politicians, how many of them stand on their promises? We are fooled by them!

We express our grief or condolences for someone who has expired. Are we going to last forever? Are we not fools??

We love someone very much deep from our heart, can you guarantee that you may not be fooled by them?

We don’t run to help others when they are in trouble, but we expect help and support when we are in need. Are we not fools?

We give money to our friends in need, how many of them give it back without you asking for it? We are all fooled by money!!


While some of these are lovable qualities, some need to be thought over, isn’t it?

2 responses to “We are all fools, aren’t we?

  1. I really lost count of my friends who lend money from me, and some times few of them have the guts to come back only to lend some more money without even paying a single cent from his/her previous debt. =( That is sad but true…


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