Ladies! Come to front. Enough of staying behind.



Behind every successful man, there’s a woman !

I never know how true this is, but I always think why should women be always be behind a man? Why not they stand equal, let alone going ahead them??


It’s very true that the nature has made women physically weaker compared to men, but has bestowed her more mental strength and courage. How much ever high a lady is educated, barriers are always present to her in the form of marriage, child birth and child care, house responsibilities and male ego. It is a world wide proven fact that women with equal talent and qualification as compared to men, are being paid low for doing the same job. Why?

Often educated women compromise themselves by tuning their mindset to that of their in-laws and stop thinking about their career once after marriage. Why? Well, I feel this may do good to her by providing ample time for taking responsibility at home, but my question to such ladies is “When you can’t think on your own about yourself and take any decision about yourself, where is your  self identity?” You may feel satisfied by staying as so-and-so’s wife or a stay at home mom, but is that satisfaction enough and is that identity sufficient for such an educated lady?

I know a lady who is a post graduate and stopped working after marriage because her husband and mother in law doesn’t want her to work. When I asked her whether she is all right with this she told her husband told that he loved her from his heart and asked her only this one favor. I retorted to her saying when he can love you by continuing his  job at office, why can’t you do the same? Even her husband and mother in law doesn’t like her talking to me because I am career oriented and their worry is whether I would influence her. Since I knew their attitude, I was also staying away from them because I am also worried whether I would be influenced by their “stay at home is best” attitude. And the more funny point here is her mother in law was working till her retirement age and her sister in law is also working!!

Ladies, enough is enough. Stop this hypocrisy. By proper planning one can handle home and work very well and there are many successful and inspirational stories from all over the world. Have a self image, do something and have your own identity. Introspect and plan accordingly.

At least now, stop always being behind a man, catch his hand and walk along with him !!


4 responses to “Ladies! Come to front. Enough of staying behind.

  1. 😀 I’m on a break to do all the stuff I enjoy which don’t necessarily earn money! But my husband keeps teasing me saying he is more than willing to stay at home and send me to work! 😛 But money or no money women should have the courage to follow their dreams and family should be encouraging :D… I enjoy reading your inspiring posts, do keep them coming!


    • Ha ha …what you said is very true! I too faced the same dialogue from my husband many a times. It all needs courage and self confidence for a woman to overcome struggles in life.


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