Life after love failure. Love after love failure.


How does the world look like after love failure? How easy is that to get back into normal tone of life after one cheats you in love?


Well, at some point of time in our lives each one of us might have felt this feeling at least once. Three days ago I happened to watch a south Indian film titled ‘Raja Rani’ meaning ‘ a king and a queen’.

I am not here to write a review on this but the point of the film was how two different people who failed in their individual first love, got married by chance and started a new life later.


The theme of the movie was “There is Life after love failure. There is Love after love failure.” I liked this so much. A love failure hurts, I agree. But that’s not the end of life. You don’t get a job, it hurts. But that’s not the end of the life. We are stuck in debts, that hurts. But that should not be the end of life. We go till the end of failure and depression but that’s not the end of life. We must take time and do something to get back into our normal life again. Each one of our life has a meaning and purpose and we must recognize that. That’s what I have learnt in life and that’s what I loved in this film.




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