An evening at typical south Indian weekend market


I love shopping. The great advantage of shopping as far as I think is it gives a lot of refreshment and relaxation, apart from a lot of confidence in ourselves (as long as we don’t spend too much) !! In India there are multiple options where one can spend hours together in shopping without spending really a lot money. One of those places is a weekend market, which is set up at a locality once in a weekend at every place. It gives a lot of options to shop, vegetable being the main criteria, others being small household items, fancy items, ladies accessories like bags and chappals, and snack items and many more!! I usually indulge in this shopping along with my four year old son. He really enjoys this because he finds many ice creams and toys for him there!!

Here are some of the glimpses from our weekend market.


An old lady sells vegetables and her grand daughter beside her


Cucumbers and beets along with capsicums and ivy gourd


red and juicy tomatoes!!


Vendors are mostly women here


Sweet corn on a cart ready for sale



Women buying garlands of Jasmines


Green mangoes and drumsticks. They are summer specials in India. Almost all Indian families eagerly wait for their arrival in summer


Grapes, melons, pine apples and many more fruits



A cart of fancy items and artificial jewelry. Glittering and drags almost every woman’s eyes!!


Bunches of colorful bangles made of glass


A seller with basic household and kitchen items


Toys, balloons and many more options for kids!!


A cart where hot and fresh popcorn is available


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