Attukal Bhagawaty Temple at Trivandrum

Entrance Arch

Entrance Arch

Where and what:

Attukal Bhagawaty temple is located at the heart of Tiruvananthapuram, just around half a kilometer from AnanthaPadmanabha Swamy temple. A trip to Trivandrum is incomplete without visiting this holy place. The deity at this temple is Goddess Attukal Bhagawaty who is believed to be an incarnation of the Supreme Mother who created all the living beings.


This temple is seen as a mix of Tamilian and Kerali architecture. Beautiful and astonishing images of  Hindu gods and goddesses are carved on the temple walls both inside and outside.

A view of external carvings

A view of external carvings

What makes this place special?

This temple is famous for the traditional and age old Pongal festival in its premises where millions of women gather and offer Pongal to the goddess. Pongal is a recipe made of kerala rice,ghee, jaggery, milk and condiments, cooked in pots on stone stove.


Kerala women preparing pongal on stone stoves in this temple premises


As soon as one enter the temple, the beautiful architecture occupies one’s heart. The view of Goddess Attukal Bhagawaty is captivating and very powerful. The Goddess looks shining and radiant. During harathi times, the sound of ringing bells creates a hair raising experience.


Side view of the temple


View inside the temple when the sanctum sanctorum is closed at noon hours

There is also free meals scheme offered at this temple premises. The food served here is very tasty and hygenic. Hundreds of devotees enjoy this as a prasadam of Bhagavaty goddess. It comprises traditional Kerala rice, with chutney, curry, sweet and sambar. The taste and quantity leaves you fully satisfied.

Devotees also get their new vehicles blessed here at this temple premises and we have got for our car  too!!



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