8 tips to gain confidence at work


1. Choose a proper mentor in the field you want to go ahead. You necessarily need not implement what they do or suggest, but observe them, take their advice in case of confusion, think pros and cons and proceed.


2. Recognize your hidden talent and focus on improving it. For instance, you may be a quick learner or adaptable or have excellent communication skills. Make a mark over others by honing this special talent in you.


3. Talk little, observe more and don’t delay your actions. Be an insider and constantly check your rights and wrongs.


4. Be confident while talking to your superiors. If it is your mistake, accept the responsibility and try to rectify it. Else don’t hesitate to raise your voice to prove your innocence.


5. If you are shy and introvert, shun that habit! Stay active and talk in meetings, participate in games, sports and other celebrations. Gradually, you will gain more confidence.


6. Read inspiring books and allocate some time for your hobbies at weekends or on weekdays when time permits. This gives you lot of relaxation and confidence.


7. Think about the present moment. Learn from the past mistakes and plan for the future. Don’t let past successes get on to your head. Stay on earth and be humble. This way you can be more successful.


8. Career is not a bed of roses. It has thorns too. Accept this fact and be prepared. Stay positive and learn from others experiences too, because life is very short to make all those mistakes by ourselves!!


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