Kick start your day!!

One of the beautiful sunrises I witnessed!!

One of the beautiful sunrises I witnessed!!

Most often we tend to feel dull and exciting soon after waking up early in the morning. That dullness and moody feelings may make our day at work or at home very dull and inactive. To use a day effectively and energetically, few changes in lifestyle are needed.  Just implement these ideas and bring that activeness to your daily routine.

1. Wake before sunrise to use a day efficiently. Doing this keeps you active throughout the day.

2. Stretch your body to relax your muscles and pump sufficient oxygen to them.

3. Drink a glass of  lukewarm mixed with honey which wakes up your digestive system in a better way.

4. Do any aerobic exercise to supply more oxygen to your cells which keeps them active. Meditation and yoga helps a lot to give peace of mind.

5. People living in tropical climates can bathe with normal cold water to improve blood circulation which keeps them active through out the day, others can bathe with water which suits their climate.

6. Believe in that Supreme power and pray for some time. It gives enough confidence,guidance  and mental support.

7. Have breakfast rich in fiber and proteins. Opt for fruits, home made recipes and oil free foods.

8. Check the planner and plan with a stable mind what to be done that day. Stick to it.

9. Go to work with a cheerful face and beautiful mind!!


Have a nice day!!

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