Choose oil that suits you

Most of us are often confused about the selection of oil which properly suits us. Flooded with various options at multiple ranges of prices, many oils are available for a health and beauty freak. Here is a simple guide in selecting the oil which suits our purpose.

Olive oil is the best cleanser. Using this for massage gives a smoother and glowing skin. Use this to heal cracked feet or to cure dry lips too!

Sesame oil is used as a base in many ayurvedic massage oils. It provides warmth to the body and detoxifies it. Regular usage of this oil for massage protects from cracked feet and dry skin problems.

Sunflower oil moisturizes skin excellently. Apply a little of this oil throughout your body 15 mins before bathing.

Coconut oil prevents loss of moisture from skin. Use this oil in colder seasons and colder areas to keep skin moisturized. It is also the best suited oil for hair.

Almond oil suits all skin types. It helps to hide signs of aging. Use this oil to reduce wrinkles and fine lines on your skin. You can also use this oil to give your lips a pink glow.
Though you may not like the smell, castor oil is excellent for hair and skin. It was the health and beauty secret among the earlier generations in India. They used to have their body massaged,from hair to toe, with this oil once a week and have a nice herbal traditional bath.



Image source: Google images

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