All the prayers have gone invain!!

All the prayers have gone in vain!!


The fate of MH370 deeply hurt me.Why does God do like this?

He kills mercilessly, people and their dreams. Getting drowned into an ocean from a height of thousands of feet, such a horrible and unexpected death. Very terrible to imagine. Why does God do like this?

Our life never goes as per our plans, nor does our death, but why such horribly? God,why do you play like this?

Many dreams about life, many more dreams about children and family and other dependents, God,Why should we leave them crying so bitterly??

Most of us undergo may troubles to live and make a living troubles throughout  our life. Why can’t at least death be easier and peaceful ? God, please give this one blessing for the human race.

We know death is a great gift to mankind. All the living beings on the earth are in queue. But the great gift is no one knows when their chance turns up.

May all the souls of MH370 passengers and crew rest in peace. May the God give their family members enough courage and support.

Please don’t be merciless God, after all we are your children. Show your love on us. Present us a peaceful and calm ending.


Your opinions are valuable to me!!

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