A constant fight with my Innerself

Bhagavadgeetha Quote

I am selfish.

I love myself.

I have been struggling with this constant fight with my inner self since I got  my worldly knowledge.


Most of the times, the word that comes to my mind is I, let it be while thinking,writing, reading and even sleeping!! For me I is the first priority. I constantly try to get rid of this notion, but never succeeded till now. The question that arises on my mind is whether this is good.

I found reasons to convince that I am right. When I constantly think about myself I get a lot of chance for introspection. That’s a great way to correct my self, control my emotions, anger,ego and my faults. Thus I can ensure that I never repeat those.If I am correct, I can guide my kids about what’s right and what’s not.

If I am perfect, I will have the right to guide my family to be. When families are perfect, the society will be and the whole nation can be. That’s why I am selfish of constantly trying for my perfection.

I can understand others pain when I love myself more. I can put myself in their shoes and can feel their pain. That way I can help them better. I also experienced the fact that this constant fight with inner self takes us nearer to the God. It has also helped me to stay calm in all situations  and accept the truth of life.

So, I will never stop loving myself, nor a constant fight with my inner self.


One response to “A constant fight with my Innerself

  1. Nice post…If we love others, then we can know the inner meaning of the word ‘sacrifice’…If we love our elders, teachers, parents, friends unconditionally, but the problem is expectation…Even though we ‘sacrifice’ for our loved ones, we expect some returns sometimes…That causes all the issues…

    So give and don’t expect, the world won’t know what your soul is saying…..

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