Get that luxuriant hair!!

Hair enhances the physical appearance of any person. Any style can be tried, either short or long, curly or straight, if you put little care on your hair. Supply enough protein to your hair by consuming dry fruits like cashews, almonds and pistachios. Also include beans, sprouts, fresh leafy vegetables, curd, fish and eggs to keep your hair glowing. Drinking milk daily before sleeping is very good for hair.

Apart from the above, follow these home tips to get voluminous hair…

  1.  Mix equal portions of lemon juice and coconut oil. Gently massage your hair with this once a week. This mix improves strength of hair and reduces breakage.
  2. Soak handful of fenugreek in water overnight. Make a paste of it next morning and apply to hair. Wash off with mild or herbal shampoo.
  3. Mix curd and egg white thoroughly. Apply to hair roots and wash off after 45min. Follow this twice a week.
  4. Massage your hair thrice a week without fail using any of these oils- coconut, amla and olive or a combination of them.
  5. Make a paste of fresh aloevera, hibiscus, curd and one spoon of olive oil. Apply this to hair and wash off after an hour. Do this once a week.

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