Arguements are sometimes better than agreements


Why do lovers talk with eyes while couples shout at each other?

Because when in love, hearts are so close and full of love without any tensions and responsibilities. After years of marriage, hearts are filled with responsibilities and tensions, that overshadow their love.


Wife and husband relationship is very simple yet complex. If any couple say they never had any argument or disagreement, it is very hard to believe, because it is practically impossible for two people of two different mentalities, many different tastes, entirely different family backgrounds and many such dissimilarities to live without disagreement is very tough!!

As for me, a verbal fight or an argument is a way of expressing one’s disagreement on others ideas or opinions. If there is no discussion or argument, it means one of them are compromising on their ideology which may do a great deal of damage in the long run. At least one of them are keeping their mouth shut, but might have kept it in heart and that may hide somewhere inside as an unexpressed dissatisfaction. Such feelings may pile up and burst up over long period when a time arises. It may also create a gap between the couple, one of them keeps on agreeing upon others ideas and the other is very happy about this, not knowing about the actual reason,. This may earn them a ‘made for each other’ title among friends and relatives, but this is not at all good for that couple.

I am not advocating to fight for every reason nor do I mean that fighting couple are better. I suggest that when your partner says something which doesn’t suit your ideology, open up, talk and convince them, if their  idea is not pleasing you. Convey your ideas and also try placing yourself in his shoes and think from his side too. Don’t agree or accept it blindly and suppress your thoughts, it may caused damaging results later.

Keep in mind that disagreement should always be in that tone which should not hurt your partner or his ego. Don’t bring their parents or relatives or any other third party unnecessarily into the discussion. Don’t be harsh in your language. Don’t argue in the presence of your kids, it may affect their way of thinking. If you feel your partner is not convinced or adamant, leave the topic for a while and talk later when they are in a good mood, but don’t just leave it and keep in your heart.

Talking or ‘opening up’ every now and then clears all the misunderstandings between you and strengthens your bond too. Also making love after a quarrel has subsided is very thrilling the than regular one. Don’t miss this too!

Your opinions are valuable to me!!

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