Varkala Beach- Cliffs and Waves


Beautiful Varkala – cliffs and waves

Where is this beauty?

Varkala is the most famous beach among tourists who visit Kerala. It is around 40km from the city of Tiruvananthapuram.

Specialities of this beach:

It is the only beach in southern part of Kerala where one can enjoy the beauty of Arabian sea by standing on cliffs adjacent by. The cliffs here are the most beautiful and deliver more amazing view of the sand and sea water. This beach is also known as Papanasam, means which ‘washes away sins’ and is considered holy for many hindus. There is a famous vaishnavite temple of Sri Janardhana Swamy here. Devotees believe that childless couples praying here blesses them with children. The temple is very serene and built in traditional Kerala architecture.

janardhana swamy temple at varkala

Entrance of the Janardhana Swamy temple at Varkala. One can see the idol of Lord Krishna here with mustache and in a beautiful pose

anjengo fort

Anjengo fort

Another attraction here is Anjengo fort,about 15 kms away from Varkala beach, which was used as a signalling centre for ships arriving from England in olden days.

Shopping at the beach:

A long corridor of shops, hotels and restaurants is present here. Shoppers can find lot of handmade items, clothes and sea shells here. Also many hotels offer massage packages and yoga for rejuvenation.

What I nurture in my trip to Varkala?

We visited the temple and had a nice darshan of Lord Krishna. The aravana prasadam here is very tasty.

What I loved in the beach was trekking over the cliff rocks, climbing up and down the cliff stairs and getting wet when we were sitting on the sea rocks on the beach. At night, we enjoyed a beautiful candle light dinner at one of the restaurants along the beach hearing the sea waves gushing and later, we enjoyed the star lit sky!! It was here, on this beach that I had seen many, many and many stars at a time in the sky at night, that view is amazing!!

View of Arabian sea from one of restaurants. It was raining early in the morning and the sea look really feirceful.

View of Arabian sea from one of restaurants at Varkala. It was raining early in the morning and the sea looked really feirceful.

The water is very shallow here and so you can spot fishermen live in action. We have seen how fishermen enter the sea for fishing. Really interesting!!

Fishermen in action early in the morning

Fishermen in action early in the morning

Fishing boat just entered sea!!

We booked a hotel for two days, the ayurveda massage package they offered was really relaxing.  At night, we could hear the gushing of the sea waves and I was a bit nervous too!! But that’s really a different kind of experience I can never forget!!

We could not see inside the Anjengo fort because it was closed when we went. But we roamed all over the nearby areas and saw the lifestyle of fishermen, their houses and the beautiful Kerala backwaters!! In one way they are really lucky, they live so close to nature enjoying those backwaters and the love of Mother nature!!


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