Six career facts you don’t learn in college


College life is beautiful and memorable,- friends, canteen chats,group studies,night outs, bunking classes, parties, celebrations, tours, trips and much more!! But like many other sweet things in life, college days also have an end. The next step is settling in career,as an employee,employer,entrepreneur, self employed, free lanced, traveler, writer and of course, yes, blogger!!

When you are working in an office or a firm, and moreover if you are freshly out of college and stepped into office, then this post is a must read for you!! Here are some facts about your career, which you might not have learned in your college.

  1. Beware of team work:   Combined studies might prove very useful to pass your college exams with flying colors. Team work is best when you are learning any difficult topics because it makes understanding easier. When it comes to office, you need to be little careful before going on team work. Working in a team is indispensable part of any office. But beware, there may be people waiting to make you work hard and ready to steal the credit for the result. Learn how to project your hardwork and communicate well about your efforts put in to bring the result. Hesitations and ‘friendships’ doesn’t work if you want to climb your career ladder.
  2. Certifications doesn’t do all the time: Your career is not a degree exam. You can’t get away with certifications. Though it is accepted that certifications in your field add a value to your CV, however, companies look for people with practical knowledge rather than bookish knowledge. Don’t do certifications to increase the count, but put your heart and learn how to implement it in practice.
  3. Stay updated: For your graduation exams, it is enough if you cover all the topics from your syllabus, but if you want to grow in your career, constant updates of what’s new in your field must be entered into your brain at regular intervals. Else, you may fall back in your career race!
  4. Personal is not official: All those who look at you and smile need not be your true friends, especially at office. Avoid sharing too personal matters and maintain a cordial and professional relation with everyone at office…
  5. Speak out: When given any opportunity to talk or share your knowledge, don’t miss it. Be active and give seminars, presentations and participate in extra curricular activities like sports and cultural activities at celebrations in office. This gives you a good opportunity to get in touch with all levels of management and it boosts your confidence too!
  6. Switching career is not wrong: If you don’t find happiness in your job, it means it doesn’t suit you. Don’t feel guilty to shift your career in that field which gives you satisfaction. If you want to do so, have a proper financial planning right from the day one of your earnings. Don’t compare with others about what they feel, what matters most is you and your satisfaction!

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