A huge relief to my motherhood!!

My son in his seventh month

My son in his seventh month

My son was introduced to solid foods on the sixth day of his sixth month, as per our tradition. Since then I have introduced all types of normal foods which we do eat at home, but I neglected one thing, giving him curd!! Yes, till his 2nd year seventh month, I didn’t realize that he was not used to the taste of curd. On one of family outings when I tried to give him curd rice, he ran far away from  its smell. That’s when I started to worry as to how to introduce him curd.

I browsed on net whether this is a common problem among kids, and to my surprise I found thousands of moms also suffer from this headache, which may be due to genetic conditions or allergic conditions in child’s body. I am clear that none of our family members have this problem, so inheriting this habit is ruled out.  The second cause, being allergic, is the one which worried me.

When I met our family pediatrician, he examined my son and told that it was my fault that I forgot to give him curd. He suggested me to introduce curd to my son it asap, because he always used to suffer from stomach ailments very frequently. As a native of tropical south India, curd is an integral and staple part of our diet, both from traditional and climatic points of view.  Later after few days, though I tried feeding him curd rice, he almost vomited twice. I left the matter then and there because, as a mother and faculty, I know nothing should be taught forcibly. Children or students must be made to love what they learn and do!!

However, my lucky days have arrived. One day I had to leave him at his teacher’s home as I went to university on my project work. There the teacher’s daughters gave him a cup of curd rice as his dinner, because they thought all other items were little spicy for his tongue. When I went to pick him up in the night, the teacher told that he ate curd rice and played well. I thought she was joking and told that he doesn’t like that smell at all and no chance of him eating curd rice. But she showed me the cup in which he ate and my son also told that he ate it!! I was stunned and thanked her very much. Then I realized that he is not eating curd because I am not giving him and that was my fault.

Finally, yesterday I bribed him that if he eats curd rice I would give him that full packet of Britannia cake for which he accepted. Slowly I mixed rice, salt and curd and prayed to God to succeed me in this mission!! First spoon he smelled and ran away and said “yuck!!”. I planned to hide that smell and cut a cake piece into four parts, put a small piece on each spoon of rice and dashed honey on it!!  Though he rejected it, I showed him the honey and cake and put that spoon in his mouth. Anxiously I awaited the result!! HE LOVED IT and ate without any disliking. THANK GOD!!

First six spoons of curd rice I seasoned with cake piece and honey. Then we got involved in playing roles of Krishna, Yashoda and Balaram. From seventh spoon onwards, I didn’t add cake and honey, he even didn’t notice it. Our role play lasted for one hour twenty min, to feed my son a cup of curd rice!! It doesn’t matter because I got relieved from my biggest worry till now. I am grateful to his teacher, Britannia cake and Wipro honey, and ofcourse to God for succeeding me in this adventure!! I never felt this relief, not even when I passed my PG seminars!!  After all, as a mom, I am very selfish about my kid’s health, what say??


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