A Birthday love letter to the Three Letter Mantra

World Wide Web celebrating its 25th birthday

World Wide Web celebrating its 25th birthday

My dear World Wide Web,

I just cannot believe you are so grown up!! I feel like I have created my first email id just few days ago and never counted those hours I spent on you. You were my guide for sending my resumes to companies, searching on my project work ideas, planning my wedding theme and many more. I got countless tips on my favorite topics starting from beauty and make up to feeding my son. Though we,humans, gave you a short name as WWW, today it has become our mantra.

When I created my bank account 15 years ago I waited hours together in that long queue to deposit my kiddy bank amount in my account. Now I can even buy a matching nail polish online and get my favorite pizza delivered within minutes without needing to spend on fuel to my vehicle and wasting time in traffic. I can enjoy my favorite film at my convenience by booking my tickets online.

I, being a working lady, have been blessed by you to enjoy that ‘my time’ in weekends which otherwise I would have to waste on grocery shopping and spending in hours of traffic to visit a restaurant. Everything I wished come to my doorstep with your access.  I teach my son all his rhymes, stories and all other activities which he loves!!

As you have been growing both  horizontally across the globe and spreading to each and every nook and corner of the world and vertically in all domains, my life is becoming day by day much simpler. I can send a gift to my darling staying away from me without needing to step out of my home. I can talk to my beloved over Skype for hours together without having to fall home sick .You guide me the basic first aid in case of medical emergency. You are my guide and well wisher on my tours and travels.

I can try and check online whether a dress suits or hairstyle suits me. I am able to taste international cuisine on to my dining table, without really traveling to that place physically. You give me relaxation and act as mentor when I take any decisions. I can connect to my friends across the globe when you are in my hand. Thanks to the tabs and androids I need not depend on cable connection or power back up, to enjoy your facilities. The world is in my hands, literally!!

Though it is we, humans, who created you, we are so dependent on you that if you fail for few seconds, millions of rupees would be lost in our trading. You are our mantra for everything and anything. We feel panic and lost if you don’t work for little time too. Please don’t do that darling.

Wishing a relation with you for centuries together for many more generations to come!!

Your lover and dependent,

A modern lady.


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