Anantha Padmanabha Swamy temple at Trivandrum

Temple tower

The world famous Padmanabha temple at Trivandrum. The temple pond or tank enhances its beauty.


The AnanthaPadmanabha Swamy temple is one of the renowned Vedic shrines in India. It is located at Tiruvananthapuram, the capital city of Kerala in India. It is on the name of this temple that this city got its name.

What makes this temple special?

The temple tower is the primary attraction. Shining in gold color and slightly larger than those from Tamilnadu and Andhra architecture, the tower looks fabulous. The temple has four entrances called nadas in four directions.

East nada

East nada through which usually entrance is made into this temple. On both sides of this road, shopping options are found in plenty.

The hugely vast corridor of this temple contains hundreds of granite stone pillars which show case marvelous architecture and takes one’s soul into a trance. One has to enter this holy shrine only in traditional attire as mentioned by the temple authorities. Provisions are also made to provide traditional clothes to tourists who don’t know this rule. Even the police and other security personnel who perform their duties inside the temple are seen only in traditional dress. As one steps into this temple, the peaceful corridors, the soft sea sand beneath the feet and the traditional Kerala style temple architecture draws their whole attention. This temple has vast assets in the form of Gold making it the richest temple in the world.

The holy idol of Padmanabha swamy is very huge in a lying position and one cannot see it all at once. Three looks are needed to view the entire idol. The view of the deity has a captivating power that cannot be expressed in words.

After the darshan, a small lump made of sandal and rose water is given to devotees which is to be applied on foreheads. It draws away heat from the  body and keeps it cool. The aravana prasadam , (the holy food as an offering of the to the God) is available at the exit entrance. It is made of jaggery, Kerala rice, milk, ghee and other condiments. It tastes amazing and leaves you wanting for more.

Another attraction of this temple is the temple tank which is considered very holy and adds lovely look to the temple.


Books on Kerala tradition and culture, temples of India and tourist places in Kerala and India etc are available inside the temple. Various items which showcase Kerala tradition and culture, items made of wood and coir, traditional dresses and sarees are available on either sides of east nada road.

P.S: Why I’ve written about this temple?

Because I got the luckiest opportunity to visit this temple twice with my family. I learnt the true and inner meaning of my life after visiting this temple.


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