The intricately simple art of being a woman!

Women quote

A woman is simple.

A woman is mysterious.

A woman is intricate and never completely understood by anyone!!


A woman is jealous. She can’t accept a fellow lady’s beauty whole heartedly. She fights with her sister to get her favorite teddy or frock. She doesn’t tolerate her close friend praising her fiancé.

A woman is short tempered. She scolds her kids when they are not eating properly. She shouts at her family members when irritated. Her face turns red when her boyfriend doesn’t turn up on time.

A woman is patient. She teaches her children all that is good and bad with utmost patience. She waits till her chance arises to showcase her talent. She bears all those midnight schedules of her new born baby.

A woman is timid. She gets quickly worried when her family members don’t come home in time. She is worried when her children are ill. She cannot send her children to far away places with whole heart.

A woman is brave. She can live for herself and for her family. She can answer social humiliations. She can achieve whatever she believes she can.

A woman is feeble. She may fail to defend herself from an assault. She cries bitterly to express helplessness. She goes into depression when hurt severely.

A woman is strong. She can overcome all her problems with confidence. She can tolerate all the pain to bring her baby into this world. She can build a stronger future generation.

A woman is revengeful. She remembers all the insults and answers them at an appropriate moment. She never forgives anyone who hurts her emotions. She doesn’t tolerate when someone does any harm to her loved ones.

A woman is easygoing. She doesn’t expect praises for her cooking and home making. She doesn’t count time while serving her ill husband. She finds happiness in doing those troubling home making tasks. She can leave her career for her family.

A woman is negligent. She neglects her beauty once she becomes a dedicated mother. She doesn’t care her health as she gets busy caring about her family members. She puts aside her interests and hobbies to dedicate time for her family.

A woman is careful. She fears about her child’s health. She plans to provide them a secured life. She always keeps an eye on what her family members does.

A woman is full of love. She can play with her kid and can rule a country. She gives endless love to her partner and kids and rarely expecting in return. She is emotional yet confident. She is stubborn yet easily pleased by those little surprises from her dear ones. She loves shopping yet she is a miser. She is compassionate and charming. She is modest yet courageous. She is placid and powerful.

Basically, a woman is endless!!!!

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