I’m in love!!

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About 25 years ago, when I was a one year kid, my dad used to carry me on his shoulders to the market and buy me my favorite rose milk and idlis. He never beat me till now, not even once, let even scold me! Me and my sis always waited for him to return from office in the evening which was almost 13 miles away, because he used bring for us toys, flowers and sweets almost daily. Since then I fell in love with him!!

Staying alone in a place far away from home because of promotions and official works is not that easy for an Indian woman. Many struggles are involved while balancing work, family, children and society. When all these are indispensable in her life, a woman becomes adorable. Hence my mom is always adorable for us. I’m in love with her!!

Being very studious and also staying active in extra-curricular activities made me a favorite for my teachers. They showed me the way how to live in life and how not to !! Two months ago, I happened to meet my teacher who taught me second language at higher classes. She hugged me and scolded for not attending her son’s wedding. Might be it was their love and inspiration that made me switch from a corporate field to teaching profession. Love you teacher!!

Adversities show  the true friends in life who really stays with us. And I am glad that I have two real friends, my sis and bro. I love them!! And I love adversities too for teaching me that truth of life…. I must mention my love towards God for making me love my life and for all those he has given me and for all those he hasn’t.

Loving unconditionally by birth comes only for few. As long as you can keep them loving you, you are the most richest person in the world. The moment you lose their love and faith, you are dead. My husband is one of such a kind!! We met ten years ago and are married for six years for now. All these years have passed like very few moments for us. Very often we go through our marriage album to remind ourselves that we are really married!! Because we never felt the difference!! He takes care of me in such a manner and showers his unconditional love. I must admit I can never reach him in this aspect! I’m in love with my husband!!

4 years ago when I was pregnant with my son, during the third month, I lost my grandma. She loved me more than our mom and dad. The reason we never missed our mom though she stayed away from home for years together, is because of our grand mother. Now she’s gone but her love is always upon us!! Love you grandma, miss you!!

I could recover from the loss of my grandmother because of two persons, one being my husband while the second is my little darling, my son!! While I was hoping for a girl and planning to name her with my grandma’s name, I was gifted with this little rascal by the God. His entry changed my life and the way I think. Initially, though I felt quite challenging to accept this change, now I love this more than anything else in the world. I’m in love with my motherhood!!


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