Amazing ways to use green tea!!

 You might have daily two cups of green tea to maintain your weight or for any other health or beauty reasons. Throwing away the green tea leftovers?? Just wait!!  Don’t throw those green tea leftover in the dust bin. Use them in the following ways to enhance your beauty.

Reduce puffiness to eyes: Keep those used tea bags in freezer for an hour and put them on your eyes to reduce the puffiness.

Sprinkle a little: Sprinkle a little cold green tea on your face to give it a fresh look. This suits excellently for those having dry skin.

Inhale the steam: Add some green tea leaves to boiling water and inhale the steam for five minutes. It relaxes you a lot.

Instant glow:  Dip green tea bag in hot water for a minute. Squeeze out some water and massage your face with the bag to give your face an instant glow.

Exfoliate: Add honey to green tea left over and massage on to your face to exfoliate those dead cells.

That’s the beauty of green tea, it works wonders both internally and externally. Really worthy, isn’t it??

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