8 Do’s and Don’ts for a better sleep

How many of us are following a correct sleep schedule? How quality is our sleep? As we grow older, our sleep gets shorter and shorter because of stress, tensions, unhealthy lifestyle habits, not caring about health and various other reasons. Sleep is also an important factor in determining one’s health and beauty. Sleep is the God’s gift for us to relax ourselves after a hectic day. Imagine two days and nights, full of joy, shopping, outing, eating and all other tasks, but, without sleep?? How would your third day be?? Food, clothing, shelter and sleep are the basic requirements for a human. Our modern life is depriving us from quality sleep leading to many metabolic disorders. Let’s see what are those do’s and don’ts for a better sleep.

      1. Eat moderately:

Never go to bed without eating anything or immediately after having heavy meal. Both of these hinder your sleep. Always have a light dinner one hour before you sleep or a moderate dinner two hours before you sleep. Follow same sleep timings daily to tune your body clock.

     2. Napping in the noon:

A nap of half an hour after lunch is suggested but sleeping beyond that may trouble you from sleeping at night. Also don’t sleep after 4 P.M to get that nice sleep by 10 P.M

     3. Moderate exercise:

Don’t over do the workouts and never do exercise just before sleeping. Maintain at least a 4 hour gap between your exercise routine and sleep timings. Also don’t sit idle without doing exercise at all. Do simple workouts to get that deep sleep.

      4. Make your bedroom a no gadget zone:

No gadgets in your bedroom please!! Put all your electronic gadgets out of your bedroom. Check all your social networking updates next morning and watch those soap repeats the next day. No tv, no mobile, no gadgets. Just dim your bedlight if possible put it off and sleep in dark.

       5.  Relax yourself:

Postpone all those thoughts about next days work or financial matters or any other issues. Have bath with warm water. Relax yourself for five minutes by simple breathing exercises, empty your mind and go to bed.

       6. Compensations won’t work:

Don’t be in an idea to compensate all your lost sleep on weekdays that coming weekend. You can’t compensate your daily sleep in that manner. This will not work!! Daily dose is the daily dose that’s it.

      7. Foods that better sleep:

Bananas, warm milk with honey, almonds, cereals,rice, potatoes, oats and mushrooms help in getting better sleep. Avoid foods rich in sugar and oil content and junk and deep fries at night. Plan your dinner appropriately.

      8. Natural sleeping pill:

If you are married, don’t miss your natural sleeping pill !! Yes, sex relaxes all your muscles and brings sleep very easily. So enjoy sex for a better sleep!!


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