Ponmudi- The Golden Peak

Tiruvananthapuram is very well known for its lovely beaches and temples. On one weekend we planned to visit a different location and searched for  nearby points of attraction. After checking many options, we finalized Ponmudi- the hill station as our weekend outing destination.

When I was reading on Wikipedia, I didn’t get exactly about the beauty of that place. Ponmudi was located 40km from our area and we set off in our car. As we were reaching the hill, I understood what was written in that wiki. The road to Ponmudi from Tiruvananthapuram contains 22 hair pin bends with dense forests on either sides.Mind blowing U-turns, dense forests, hair pin bends, lots of monkeys on the way, beautiful rivulets and that steep roads..OMG!! At one point I was so tensed by looking at the forests and those curvy roads, and pleaded my hubby that we go back, the roads were that steep. Really hats off to his driving skills!! After crossing 22nd hair pin bend, I saw that most beautiful scenery I had ever seen. As soon as we entered the peak, fresh and unpolluted cool breeze touched our nostrils. I breathed deep inside to get that freshness into me. Amazing peaks and roads amidst!! Fresh air as pure as a newly born baby’s smile…I wished the whole world is also filled with that purest of pure air.

On the way to Ponmudi two dams, and water falls also occur but one must visit them only before sunset. Because later there won’t be any admissions inside. Bathing in the waterfalls is also not permitted due to safety concerns. One more highest peak in the Western Ghats of India, Agastyakoodam, is also nearby. But it is open to visitors only for a few days in a year.

Here are those beautiful memories which I brought back home from this trip.

A house in traditional Kerala style en route Ponmudi from Trivandrum

As you travel across Kerala, what you see are predominantly coconut trees !!

Meenmutty bridge

Entrance for Meenmutty waterfalls. We missed this beautiful waterfalls because we reached it after sunset

Dense forests on both sides of road en route Ponmudi

Board showing 15th hairpin bend. There are in total 22 hairpin curves enough to thrill you!!

Hurray !! we are reaching the place after a long thrilling journey!!!!

Echo point rock – Climb this rock and you will touch the sky!!

View of other peaks from the top most peak at Ponmudi

If you stand on the top of the highest peak, roads and other people look very tiny and like play toys!!

This was the peak I was talking about..Trekking this peak is really enjoyable.

View of mountains on all directions

View of the road while trekking the peak

Overall View of the echo point rock (shown above in close up)

Beautiful sunset amidst the hills

Mother nature at sunset among the hills. Lovely shades of sunset……..

View of the valley at sunset. You feel like sitting there and watching it for hours together!!

Refreshment center amidst the beautiful hills. One should never miss sipping a cup of hot tea in that cool breeze here!!

One response to “Ponmudi- The Golden Peak

  1. Reblogged this on javaeasy and commented:
    “Heaven” this is my first thought, stepping out from car after reaching this beautiful place. This is true as the holy air, sunshine, smell of tea leaves, clouds, sky…I am lucky to visit this place with my lovely wife and my son. We thoroughly enjoyed our time there, and we trekked the tallest Ponmudi hill, and the sceneries from that place can’t be expressed, we should see…and last but not least I have enjoyed my favorite food, cooked by my darling wife in one of the beatiful corners of the Hills. Only thing we missed is, there aren’t enough hotels for to stay, so we have returned early than we have planned…very nicely presented, lovely narration with beautiful pictures….Awesome one….


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