10 ideas to spend your weekends at home

weekends Weekend is a big dream for all those who work out of their homes for five or six consecutive hectic days. Most of the plans or tasks shall be waiting for their completion during weekends. Also spending a weekend out, say shopping, movies, restaurants, parks etc. is what most families do,but cannot be followed every time practically because of budget issues. Here a 10 different ideas that you can involve in to spend your weekends at home.

1. Experiment with new recipes: Try new recipes and bring that restaurant taste at home. Involve your hubby and kids to help you out.

2. Spend some time for your beauty: Care your hair and skin. Massage your hair with oil and apply a home made hair pack. Massage for an hour your body with oil and have a relaxed rejuvenating bath. See how time passes by without your notice.

3. Wash your car: Make your car shine by cleaning it all by yourselves. This way you burn some more calories too. Involve your kids and let them enjoy that water play !!

4. Attack your wardrobe: Go through all your clothes and see if they need any alterations. See if you can try new mix and match combinations. Arrange all those dresses which you want to wear that following week.

5. Open your photo album: Take a cup of coffee in your hand, go  to your balcony with your photo album. Share all those lovely moments with your kids and get drowned into those memories.

6. Write a dairy or planner: In your hectic schedule, you may not find time to write your dairy daily. Do it in your weekends. Note all the bills to be paid or appointments that following week in your planner.

7. Burn more calories: Do workout an hour more than you usually do. Split them into two half an hour intervals and do it in the morning and evening. Meditate for some more extra time and get refreshed.

8. Care your plants: Check the condition of your plants. Water, trim and care them. See if they need fertilizers or replace the soil in the pots.

9. Outdoor activities: Play outdoor games with your kids. Introduce them the games you played in your childhood. Spend some more time with your pet. It is also missing you on weekdays.

10. Re-decor you home: Change the curtains, bed sheets  and pillow covers etc. If possible, re arrange your furniture and bring a new look to your home.

As for me, in addition to all the above, I do three more things on weekends. Any guesses?? Sleeping sleeping and sleeping!! Yes, sleep an hour or two more on your weekends and make your body ready for the next week.

One response to “10 ideas to spend your weekends at home

  1. Good one, we should try all these…adding another one, thought this would be easily doable…
    11) Try Sleeping, as you worked very hard and sleepless, it will give energy for next week. And sleep peacefully, there won’t be office next morning…:)


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