Shilparamam-An Ethnic village in a Hitech City


Shilparamam is a ethnic village which replicates the traditional Andhra village culture and life style.  “Shilpa” a telugu word means “sculpture” and “aramam” means ” a conglomerate or a group or residence”.  As the name says, this place is a residence of the traditional works of Andhra Pradesh. As one steps in, the cool breeze and the neat corridors welcomes them and takes them into a village mood. Many handmade pottery items, sculptures, idols, models etc are showcased here which depict the true village culture of Telugu people. It consists of rural museum, rock garden, boating, art gallery and sculpture park.

Shoppers find lots and lots of items to shop on. You can spend more than a half day just in shopping hundreds of traditional dresses, ladies accessories, temporary tattoos, hand bags, jewellery, dresses and many more. Handicrafts and traditional Hyderabadi pearls are also available in plenty here. A canteen serves many snack options including variety of Indian menu ,fruits and juices.   Though I had filled my album with the pics from this ethnic place, I am sharing only a few of them here. Rest you come and see with your own eyes and enjoy this village beauty.

                          Replicate of an Indian farmer with his bulls

A model of village house with a well in front of it and farmer with his bulls

An art from the Art gallery, showing a dance form of village women of Andhra. Art gallery has beautiful and lively works of many artists.

                                       My dad and son  at the pottery section

                          Farmer at work- A lively Sculpture

 Wife and husband doing field work together- Sculpture showing beauty of hard work and the feeling of wife and husband working together

Replicate of a village woman drawing water from a well

Sculpture of Lord Buddha sitting on a lotus at the Rock garden. The rock garden has many wonder creations made out out of stone. All you need is energy to check out all of them.

Scorpion replicates made out of metallic waste

A village model showing a potter with his family and their  works around

                              Mother’s love – pottery work

                                    A crow made of metallic waste

A model view of traditional Andhra village during festivals

A model showing a village man cutting wood

A village lady at kitchen work

My son playing with the horse and elephant made of clay



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