Mudras for health and beauty

yoga-mudraMudras are a gift of Ayurveda. They have been very prominent since the vedic times in India. Simply stating, a mudra comprises of touching two or more fingers with a relaxed mind. This creates and increases the positive energy of one’s body and soul. Various mudras are in prominence for problems relating to spine, memory loss, stress relief, blood pressure, urinary problems, ear problems, eye sight, insomnia, beauty and a lot others. Infact, more than thousand mudras are presented in ancient ayurveda. However, only a hundred and above are in practice now a days.

The benefit of practicing mudras can be experienced when one believes them and practices them daily. they can be easily practiced any time any where, the only requisite is concentrate on your breathe for better and faster results. No specific time duration or time in the day or seating rules are prescribed. While practicing them, sit straight if you are in sitting posture either at office or in car or anywhere. If you can, cross your both legs one on the other and keep your spine straight for best results. The time you can allot for mudras is all up to your convenience and depends on the intensity of your health problem. It is suggested to stay away from drinking and consuming non veg foods to attain best results.

Few important mudras are presented here. For an exhaustive list of mudras, consult a certified yoga trainer or multiple sites and books offer you the mudras. You can practice them on your own too.  I found the book “Mudras: Yoga in your hand” by Gertrud Hirschi useful.

Gyan Mudra- Removes all negative thoughts, keeps anger and stress at a bay
Prithvi Mudra- Removes vitamin deficiencies from the body
Shunya Mudra- Relieves ear aches and cures deafness (not by birth)
Surya mudra- Controls obesity and reduces heaviness of the body
Vayu mudra- Relieves joint pains and helps fight paralytic condition

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