Rameswaram, The Divine Island !!


Rameswaram, an island in the state of Tamilnadu,India, is known for its mythological importance in the Hindu religion and is one of the popular divine tourist destinations in India. It is located on the Pamban island separated from mainland India by the Pamban channel. Pamban bridge joins Rameswaram with mainland India. Sri Lanka is just 50 km from here.

The amazing beauty of this island is the calmness of the sea waves. It looks very scenic and peaceful and you can walk into the sea almost for 2-3 kilometers. Tourism and fishing are the main occupations here. The food is of traditional south Indian style and is lip smacking, however all styles of Indian food ,including Gujarati, Marathi, Rajasthani is also available here. Being an island, the temperatures are always higher than the usual.

The sunrise view on the island is amazing. If you plan a trip to Rameswaram, make sure that you stay a day or two in the Pamban island too. It offers you awesome peace and totally relaxes your body, mind and soul. Shopping in Rameswaram is a lot of fun, variety of items made of shells and pure conch are available at very affordable prices.

These shots from my trip will give you a glimpse of the beauty of this divine island.

                          Eye pleasing views of the Pamban island as you enter Rameswaram through the Pamban bridge.

The Rameswaram temple tower. This temple has tremendous mythological importance for Hindus. The temple has 22 wells. Devotees believe that bathing in these wells purifies them from all their sins.

                  The Ramanathaswamy temple tower with sea in the back ground

                   House of Dr.A.P.J Abdul Kalam, a well renowned personality

Kothandarama temple, where it is believed that Rama throned Vibhishana, the brother of Ravana, as the emperor of Sri Lanka, after winning Ravana in a battle. The Jadayu theertham is also on the way to this temple.

      Temple of Hanuman (lieutenant of Lord Sri Rama)  on the Ganthamadhana Parvatam

The gushing waves at Dhanushkodi, a town around 20kms from Rameswaram. Unlike the sea at the temple, waves here are always fierce. Bathing,playing  or swimming in the water here is strictly prohibited. Below is a notice board put up by the local government regarding this. Sri Lanka is roughly 15kms from here.

It is always suggested to visit this mystical place during the day along with a guide and return before sunset. Local taxis and auto drivers refuse to guide you here as it gets darker. This is a very mysterious place after sunset.

An inscription showing details of the horrible 1964 cyclone, which converted Dhanushkodi  into a ghost city. This place is declared by the government as unfit for human living, since then.

   A board showing the views of the town of Dhanushkodi, before the devastating cyclone.

Remnants of the rail track that was destroyed during the 1964 cyclone along the beach road at Dhanushkodi.

    The beautiful view of this white sand beach never ends as you travel across Rameswaram.

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