I love my Mother Tongue!!

A kid is born in his Mother Tongue. It is the parents’  responsibility that their kids develop an interest and love on it. In this globalized world, though one has to communicate excellently in their official language, it doesn’t mean that they neglect their mother tongue. All of our basic needs- hunger, anger, cry, prayer, love, helplessness ,fear and all our emotions involuntarily jump out of us in our mother tongue, unless otherwise.

Parents can create interest in their children by teaching them the script, telling short stories, teaching them some poems, playing word games, encouraging them to read children’s books printed in their mother tongue and giving importance to speak in mother tongue at home. Mother tongue is our second identity, first being our birth country. If we neglect these, we lose our identity. On foreign lands to which we are new, encountering a person speaking our native language gives us a lot of support and courage. Such is its power!!

On this International Mother Language day (Feb 21), let us take an oath that we love our first language ,pass it on to our generations and protect our identity!!


Your opinions are valuable to me!!

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