I love my pet!!

averagePets are our best companions to share our joys and lessen our griefs. They love us deep from our heart without any selfishness. Leave them alone at home during the day and return in the evening after a hectic day, they welcome you with their love by licking on your face and wagging their tails. Their eyes are always filled with hope and confidence. Loving them makes us peaceful and life a whole one. Many cases are there where human being gets cheated by other human, but never by their pets. All they know is being faithful and loyal, enjoying their life without worries, giving companionship to their owners and loving them unreasonably.   LadiesBulletin wishes all the pet lovers and proud pet owners a  happy I Love My Pet Day (20th Feb).

A cute puppy’s lick is an effective medicine for all your worries.

                      Images source: buzzfeed.com, justcuteanimals.com/


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